CNF Online Journal 1: “My Name.”

If mom were to decide what my name was, she said she would have made it something simple like A or B. Dad didn’t want any of it. Instead, he gave me a proper name. A long one at that.

Alex, meaning “defender of mankind.”

Andrea, meaning brave.

Pauleen, meaning small.

Alex Andrea Pauleen. A small, brave defender of mankind.

I still haven’t forgotten dad’s reason why he wanted to name me Alex, and that is because he wanted to name me from Alexander Volkov, a famous cosmonaut who was very active in the 1990s. He said that he wanted me to become brave and strong, like an astronaut, and that’s why he named me so.

As for the other two names, my father was also a religious pastor in his younger times, so that’s where Andrea and Pauleen is from. Originally, though, it was supposed to be Andrei and Paul, as those are two very significant figures in the Bible: Andrei (or Andrew) being one of Jesus’ first disciples; and Paul the Apostle, whose life changed from being a persecutor of the Christian faith to being one of the most important apostles of that era. Other than those facts, he also wanted those names if he were to have two more male children, but in a fortunate (but maybe slightly unfortunate) twist of events, he and mom got me for a kid.

As an only child, an unica hija, dad got my name spot-on. Apart from being short due to genetics, he and mom raised me and taught me to be courageous, to fight for what is right, and to always be brave and strong. Dad also wanted me to be so, not just for myself but also for my mom. I, for the life of me, wouldn’t expect myself to always be dauntless and to never break, but for the sake of myself and for everyone and everything I love and treasure, I’ll live up to my name.

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